small businessNIOSH has issued a new Small Business Safety and Health Resource Guide, which is intended to assist small business owners as they seek out training materials, and recommendations for ensuring the safety and health of their workers. The resource guide includes sections on: general information, guides and courses, specific occupations and hazards, regulations, consultation services, and emergency preparedness. It also contains summaries of and links to more than 50 websites produced by commercial, academic, and government organizations.

NIOSH says the guide is intended to help small business owners and managers deal with occupational safety and health concerns. Others involved with the small business community may also find this guide useful.

“Given the challenges faced by small businesses such as limited personnel and finances, this guide provides a starting point for addressing a broad range of occupational safety and health issues without a major investment of time or money,” says NIOSH.

Follow the links below to connect with resources that can help with occupational safety and health issues for small businesses.

Resource Guide Sections

General Information

Guides and Courses

Specific Occupations and Hazards


Consultation Services

Emergency Preparedness