Ergodyne winter linersErgodyne announced today the expansion of their N-Ferno® Extreme Warming Product Line to include three new N-Ferno® Flame Resistant (FR) Winter Liners. The 6880 and 6882 2-Layer Cold Series FR Winter Liners,and the 6885 Two-Way FR Winter Liner.These liners will not melt or drip and meet the performance requirements outlined in ASTM F1506. 

"We believe in Making the Workplace a Betterplace™ and in no other area is this more important than in jobs where workers are exposed to Arc Flash or Flash Fire hazards," said Tom Votel, president and CEO of Ergodyne. "Our new N-Ferno® FR Winter Liners not only provide the ultimate protection against cold stress, but have the added benefit of FR for those workers facing multiple hazards."

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