Bob FryarBP has named Bob Fryar Executive Vice-President for Safety and Operational Risk (S&OR), starting February 15th.

Fryar, who is currently Executive Vice President for production in BP’s upstream business, will report directly to Bob Dudley, Group Chief Executive. Dudley said that Fryar’s “deep technical expertise, profound knowledge of our operations and commitment to our values will serve him well in his new role” on the executive team.

Fryar steps into the position vacated by the retirement of Mark Bly, who headed BP’s safety functions since March 2008.

According to BP, Fryar will be accountable for safe and compliant E&P operations and stewardship of resources across all regions. He will be responsible for government and stakeholder management, integration of all E&P activities at the regional level, technical excellence across Safety & Operational Risk and Subsurface, and a robust Operating Management System to ensure safety, quality and compliance of production activities.

In a 2011 interview in BP magazine, Fryar says that in order to understand the current reality at the company, he likes to strike up conversations in BP’s offices or platforms. He often introduces himself by his first name only, because “when people find out who I am it either stops the conversation, or changes it. I don’t want people to feel different when they’re talking to me.”

“Coming into this job, I made a commitment to myself that whenever time allows, I will stand up and talk about the company’s values, because I think it’s important for people to know what matters to BP. Take our new hires, for instance. I met a group of new graduate recruits in September last year and spent the first 30 minutes talking about values. I wanted them to know who we are, what really matters – that if they see something wrong, then they must speak up. That takes courage, but everyone needs to know it’s okay.

“People have to speak up. Being a safe, compliant and reliable operator is not just a process, it needs to be a deep-held belief that every day you’re going to go and do what you can as an individual to make the company safer and, in turn, the business will benefit. BP is going to be around for a long time, so we need systems that help us manage our facilities that will still operate safely and reliably for years to come. Each of us is a steward of this company – we’re here to make it better for the long term. It’s not about being a hero, but about reducing defects and continuously improving our operations day-by-day.”

Fryar, who has a BS degree in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana State University, has 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, having joined Amoco Production Company in 1985.

Most recently Bob was CEO for BP Angola and in his prior role Vice President of Operations Performance Unit for BP Trinidad. Prior to joining BP Trinidad in January, 2003, Bob served in a variety of engineering and management positions in the Onshore US and Deepwater Gulf of Mexico including Petroleum Engineer, Field Manager, Operations Manager, Resource Manager, Asset Manager and Delivery Manager. In addition, he worked on the Vastar Integration Team.