bathtubOSHA and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) are warning workers and employers about the dangers of using methylene chloride-based stripping products in bathtub refinishing.

Methylene chloride, a chemical used in industrial processes, but also available in over-the-counter paint and finish stripping products, has been implicated in at least 14 deaths since 2000 of workers refinishing bathtubs. These workers were generally working alone, in poorly ventilated bathrooms, with inadequate or no respiratory protection, and no training about the hazards of methylene chloride.

The new OSHA-NIOSH Hazard Alert details methylene chloride’s toxicity, safety precautions when using methylene chloride and employer responsibilities under OSHA's methylene chloride standard.

For more information, see the Hazard Alert (*PDF) or read more about OSHA's methylene chloride standard.