Armchem, the leading business to business distributor of over 50,000 specialty industrial products, including jumbo paper systems, maintenance, chemical and safety items, introduces Regal Plus, a heavy-duty hand cleaner that washes away tough dirt and grime quickly, but leaves skin smooth as silk.  Surfactants and pumice, combined with moisturizing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, work together to remove grease, oil, paint, ink, tar and more without irritating or drying out hands.  This solvent and fragrance free soap does not require water and is perfect for many industries, including automotive, manufacturing, printing, painting, construction, maintenance, recreation  and more. Armchem Regal’s efficient dispenser system utilizes a "bag-in-bottle" cartridge and view window design, thereby eliminating the guess work about product-type and soap level.

“We developed Armchem Regal Plus in response to our customer’s requests, since they could not find any strong enough products in the marketplace that would not irritate their employee’s hands,” said Armchem CEO Andrew Brahms.   “Our business has been built on providing our customers with any product they may need.”

The addition of Regal Plus to the line is really working for Armchem.   To order, or for more information, call 1-800-886-0423 or visit 

About Armchem International

With over 25,000 customers worldwide, Armchem is the leading provider of products that help businesses run smoother, faster, cleaner, safer and healthier.   From specialty chemicals to safety products, MROs to mops, floor mats to first aid, green products to greases and lubricants, Armchem is the source for anything and everything a company needs.  To learn more about this Florida-based corporation celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, visit