Larson Electronics Magnalightreleased the EPL-20W-TP1 rechargeable explosion proof light with tripod mount light for hazardous area locations.  Producing 1200 lumens for 90 minutes on a single charge, this ultra-lightweight Class 1 Division 1 can be used for areas  falling into Groups A, B, C and D.

Larson Electronics Magnalight released the EPL-20W-TP1 rechargeable explosion proof light with tripod mount for Class 1 and Class 2 hazardous areas.  This 20 watt metal halide light can be configured by the operator for spot of flood beam operation and can be used as a handheld flashlight or affixed to a non-sparking aluminum tripod.  The tripod itself weighs less than eight pounds and the 1200 lumen output light weighs less than two pounds, making this an ultra-portable solution for tank and small area installation.  The tripod can elevate the light to a height of 8 feet and the light can easily project a spot beam more than 1000 feet in spot mode.  With the addition of a flood lens, operators can illuminate an area roughly 300 feet long by 250 feet wide with bright white work light.  The battery is easily removable in the field and operators could swap out spare batteries to increase the run time.

“The EPL-20W-TP1 rechargeable explosion proof light is the answer for operators looking for flexibility and portability when working or inspecting small and medium hazardous location areas,” said Rob Bresnahan with  “While we offer larger 10,000 lumen lighting options for large area illumination, this compact solution can be carried with one hand and fits easily into the tool box of any work truck.  The applications are wide arranging, given that this explosion proof light includes certifications for vapors and dusts in every group from A to F.”

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