respiratorRespirator manufacturers, industries that rely on NIOSH-approved respiratory equipment and other stakeholders can present information on the potential impacts of a proposed amendment to the Respirator Certification Fees rule at an upcoming public meeting.

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This meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. EDT at the U.S. Office of Surface Mining, Three Parkway Center (Greentree), Pittsburgh, PA 15220. This meeting will also be available using Audio/LiveMeeting Conferencing, remote access capabilities where interested parties may participate over the internet.

Registration is required for both in-person and video conferencing participation. Because this meeting is being held at a federal site, preregistration is required on or before April 26, 2013 and a government-issued photo ID will be required to obtain entrance to the facility. Non‐US citizens need to register on or before March 29, to allow sufficient time for mandatory facility security clearance procedures to be completed.

A block of rooms at the government rate of $119 is available at the Doubletree Hotel by Hilton, 500 Mansfield Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205. The name of the block is NIOSH. Reservations may also be made by calling the hotel at (412) 922–8400.

Requests to make presentations at the public meeting should be mailed to the NIOSH Docket Office, Robert A. Taft Laboratories, MS–C34, 4676 Columbia Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45226. Requests may also be submitted by telephone (513) 533–8611, facsimile (513) 533–8285, or e-mailed All requests to present should contain the name, address, telephone number and relevant business affiliations of the presenter, and the approximate time requested for the presentation. Oral presentations should be limited to 15 minutes. After reviewing the requests for presentations, NIOSH will notify the presenter that his/her presentation is scheduled. If a participant is not in attendance when his/her presentation is scheduled to begin, the remaining participants will be heard in order. After the last scheduled speaker is heard, participants who missed their assigned times may be allowed to speak, limited by time available.

Attendees who wish to speak but did not submit a request for the opportunity to make a presentation may be given this opportunity after the scheduled speakers are heard, at the discretion of the presiding officer and limited by time available.