Vendor NewsAir Cycle Corporation is very pleased to announce EnviroPure food waste diversion systems. EnviroPure is the environmentally sound, economically smart solution to the problem of food waste.

Over 30 million tons of food waste are generated each year and disposed of in landfills or incinerated, emitting harmful methane gas and releasing toxins and ash into the air. EnviroPure transforms food waste from any commercial kitchen operation—such as a hotel or school—into an eco-friendly greywater effluent that can be safely disposed of into existing municipal water systems, minimizing waste transportation and janitorial costs.

EnviroPure systems feature heavy duty pumps and motors, commercial-grade stainless steel construction, and fully automated operation using a simple on/off button. EnviroPure systems are certified for use in the United States and Canada, include a one-year limited warranty and on-site service, and are custom-manufactured for every application.

Founded in 1978 and headquartered in the Chicago area, Air Cycle Corporation is a leading sustainable solutions and technologies provider offering recycling, food waste diversion, cleaning and sanitizing, and environmental consulting services and products.

For more information or to request a custom quote, please visit  or call 800-909-9709.