RAE Systems Inc., the leader in innovative toxic-gas and radiation detection solutions, today announced the introduction of ProRAE Guardian™ SDK, the industry’s first open XML-based software development kit that allows receiving real-time instrument data through ProRAE Guardian software and integrating it with external applications.

Developers and third-party manufacturers can use the SDK (software development kit) to build custom solutions to meet specific application needs and to leverage their existing system investment to integrate real-time gas and radiation detection metadata from networked instruments. This real-time detection data will allow organizations to extend their system’s safety monitoring and process control capabilities, whether at a single site or in multiple remote locations.

The ProRAE Guardian SDK is designed for a broad array of industries with gas and radiation detection applications that need to apply real-time data to make critical decisions about risk and worker, asset and public safety. The XML output from the SDK can be easily and seamlessly integrated in external applications and networks such as SCADA(supervisory control and data acquisition) for automated control of systems that monitor and control industrial processes.

The SDK provides organizations with the capability to receive real-time data from the ProRAE Guardian gas and radiation detection system and use it externally for predictive analytics, compliance, risk assessment, and other applications. The SDK also allows systems integrators and third-party developers to create new applications for oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, environmental, fire/HazMat and national security to leverage integrated decision-making.With the SDK, commanders and safety managers can now integrate comprehensive real-time threat data from any location at any time to make automated process control and safety decisions. 

The ProRAE Guardian SDK provides an API (Application Programming Interface) function library that software professionals can use to receive real-time instrument data via a high-level XML format to transform and feed into their process or decision support systems. The ProRAE Guardian SDK also supports Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). The C API functions provide options to receive instrument alarm information in CAP version 1.2.

The Need For Real-Time Standards-Based Data to Control Processes

Industrial organizations have been looking for solutions to enhance safety in hazardous situations, enable faster response times and leverage the real-time data to make process control decisions. Until now, companies, government agencies and departments have been unable to extract XML/standards-based real-time gas and radiation data from operational, industrial or HazMat sites. The ProRAE Guardian SDK provides XML-based data that can be utilized by various applications, IT departments and organizational deployments. Critical data can be accessed securely in real time by any authorized user – including global experts in incident remediation.   

“Organizations cannot afford to risk worker, public, responder and industrial safety when a critical situation arises,” stated Thomas Nègre, RAE Systems Vice President of Products and Marketing. “The use of real-time gas and radiation detection data to make automated process control, risk analysis, compliance and safety decisions is a new milestone for the oil and gas, industrial manufacturing and HazMat industries.  Organizations have demanded a way to extract standards-based real-time gas and radiation data that can be used to make decisions. The ProRAE Guardian SDK is the first and only system to meet this need.”


SCADA(supervisory control and data acquisition) is a type of computer-controlled industrial control system(ICS) that monitors and controls industrial processes.  These include industrial, infrastructure, and facility-based processes, as described below:

About ProRAE Guardian

ProRAE Guardian improves safety and security for incident commanders and safety managers through real-time remote monitoring of wireless gas-detection networks from anywhere in the world and from multiple sources, including existing sensors. ProRAE Guardian aggregates, logs and displays sensor information from wireless gas and radiation detection instruments, biometric data and GPS information into a comprehensive real-time display of threat data.


The ProRAE Guardian SDK is available now and is sold directly by RAE Systems in the United States. The ProRAE Guardian SDK Toolkit includes the following: C API libraries for building an integration module; a Test Harness Tool to simulate instruments and a test integration module; Programmer’s Guide; Online C API Help; and Sample programs.

Learn More, See More

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About RAE Systems

RAE Systems innovates, designs and manufacturers gas sensors and radiation detectors. The company offers a full line of fixedand portable gas detection solutions, including handheld and personal chemical, compound and radiation detection instruments. RAE Systems’ real-time safety and detection systems have been deployed by organizations in the oil and gas, fire and hazmat, industrial safety, national securityand environmentalmarkets, helping save lives and maintain safety in 120 countries. The company’s industry-leadinggas sensors and radiation detection solutionsare widely recognized for their performanceand reliability. Learn more at raesystems.com.