Vendor NewsBulwark, manufacturer of flame-resistant apparel, has launched an effort to help those cleaning up after the recent tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

“Bulwark has been serving the roughnecks, fuel haulers, and refinery workers of the oil and gas industry for over four decades,” according to the company’s FR Blog. “And nowhere is our story more entwined with theirs than in this remarkable – and resilient – part of the country.  Many of those impacted are friends, or folks that distribute, buy and wear our clothes. All weigh heavily on our mind.”

The company says that for a limited time, it will provide free FR for people in Moore who’ve been impacted by the tragedy, and for electrical utility workers who’ve gone to Moore to help in reconstuction and relief.

“Many of these crews are hundreds of miles from home and may get caught short on FR.  We’ll lend a hand there, too.”

Those in Moore who are in need of FR can contact Bulwark distributors listed on the blog.

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