Detcon, an IST Company, is pleased to announce that its environmentally bulletproof IR-700 infrared combustible hydocarbon gas detector is now certified SIL 2 capable. The device recently underwent stringent functional safety assessments by third party agency exida and was found to be in compliance with IEC61508 : 2010 Parts 1-7. In addition to the IR-700, Detcon's TP-700 H2S MOS and DM-700 toxic electrochemical gas detectors are also certified SIL 2 capable.

The Model 700’s rugged framework includes an electro-polished 316 stainless steel housing with fully encapsulated electronics and dual layer surge protection. These details in design virtually eliminate the threat of outside damage to internal components due to water ingress, corrosion, vibration and transient spikes.
Sensor elements are simple smart plug-in components for easy replacement in the field while operator interface is user friendly via a small handheld magnet. Configuration and routine calibration are intuitive and menu driven with fully scripted instructions. The intelligent transmitter module features dual redundant outputs; a linear 4-20 milliamp analog signal and a Modbus RS-485 serial output. Product options include a Remote Alarm Module (RAM), HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and wireless. Additional approvals include CE, ATEX, CSA, CEPEL and GOST.
Industrial Safety Technologies (IST) is committed to providing innovative safety solutions through its team of dedicated and experienced flame and gas detection companies. Together, Detcon, Simtronics, and Gas Measurement Instruments (GMI) manufacture the most comprehensive fixed, portable, and wireless gas and flame detection safety solutions.
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