Web ExclusiveMr. Johnson,

In the Oct 2013 ISHN Editorial Comments you asked for exceptions to the “rule” to “wipe the slate clean”.

I do not know if this is an appropriate exception, but my company American Buildings Company was acquired by Nucor Corporation and began to take part in the Nucor Foundation Scholarship program.  I have been very fortunate to present this scholarship to high school students here in Eufaula.  The attached is the “speech” we used to present the scholarships. To quote your article I feel this is “A living tribute to their memory” and it has inspired me to participate in three of our VPP Teams and try to be a champion for safety in our company.

I just wanted to pass it on.  Tks.
-Bob Smola

Robert L. Smola, Sr., P.E.
American Buildings Company
A Nucor Company
1150 State Docks Road
Eufaula,  AL   36027
Phone 334-688-2224
Fax       334-688-2293
e-mail rsmola@americanbuildings.com

In 2007, American Buildings Company became a part of Nucor Corporation. Nucor Corporation is a Forutne 500 industry leader in steel-making and steel products manufacturing.

The Nucor Foundation Scholarship Program was born out of a tragedy at one of Nucor’s steel mills and was expanded so that today all children of Nucor employees would have a college scholarship opportunity.

It is the belief of Nucor that the future economic and social progress of our nation is built upon the education of its citizens. Our Scholarship Program is one way we give back to the community while emphasizing our commitment to higher education.

The Scholarships are awarded for a period of four years at $3,000 per year to be used for tuition, fees, books, materials, and room & board. Over the years, Nucor has provided more than $52 million in college scholarships to the children of our employees.

This year, American Buildings Company, a division of Nucor Corporation, is proud to award a four-year scholarship in the amount of $3,000 per year to:

William Benton and Andrea Pittman

Congratulations and the best of wishes in your new beginnings.