How to wash your FR clothing

The jobs you do are some of the toughest and dirtiest, but that doesn’t stop you from getting the job done. Your FR clothing works just as hard and at the end of the day you and your clothes are fitly. Before you toss your FR clothes in the hamper or on the floor, here are a few tips on proper laundering methods to extend the life of your favorite jacket.

FR clothing doesn't have to be industially laundered, it can be washed in a normal or cotton cycle in a low to medium temperature. Turn the FR garments inside out and separate them from other non FR clothing, as fibers can be transferred and compromise the FR protection. Use any typical detergent and do not use bleach, it wears the FR polymer protection. Stay away from starch, fabric softener and other laundry additives that can coat the fabric. Tumble dry for 20 minutes then hang to dry if the garment is still wet. This will minimize shrinkage. Following these easy steps will guarantee you garment to last for years

For more on how to properly launder FR clothing check out our dealer Tyndale's Q & A on the subject.

Survive winter

Double-Shot hat Big Chill beanie
Double-Shot Hat
Double fleece lined band contours to cover the ears.
Big-Chill Beanie
Single fleece layer construction for under helmet comfort.









New for 2014

We have been working with Polartec® to develop a new Dual Hazard fabric that is lighter weight, while at the same time increasing protection. We are using this fabric to further enhance our DragonWear FR Clothing line to make it safer and more comfortable. Starting in 2014 some of our most popular styles will now be available in our new Dual-Hazard fabrics.

Featuring the same great fit and style but lighter and more breathable with HRC2 protection will be our Elements™ Dual Hazard FR Sweatshirt, Power Dry® Mid Weight Shirt, and our re-engineered line of Power Grid garments (Power Grid® ¼ Zip Shirt, Bottoms and Beanie).

Click here to learn more about the developments. Or click here to download our New 2014 Sales Sheet.

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