AVO Training InstituteIn keeping with AVO Training’s philosophy of offering the types of Electrical Safety Training Courses industry and utilities require today, this new PLC course has been added to the over 50 courses currently available at the Institute.

Of all the control products that have been developed, the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) has been the one item that has changed the way we troubleshoot and control systems. These controllers have evolved over several decades into a very sophisticated device. They are capable of being programmed to solve the most complicated logic challenges whether digital or analog. They have the ability to communicate with other PLCs and interfaces such as HMIs (Human Machine Interface). This device can monitor and control a few or several thousand IO devices.

This course is designed to provide the student with basic understanding of programmable logic controllers (PLC), as well as maintenance and troubleshooting techniques necessary to keep these products running. Although the course and lab equipment, are designed around Allen Bradley SLC and MicroLogix equipment, it can be used as a foundation for a strong understanding of all PLC equipment.

The course provides engineers, electricians, maintenance technicians, etc., with the foundation to program and troubleshoot PLC systems resulting in less downtime, increased uptime and improved system reliability.

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