Accuform Signs launches new websitesAccuform Signs, North America’s leading manufacturer of facility identification solutions, announced today the launch of two new websites specifically with their customers in mind.

“Traditionally, websites are product-centric, created to show what you sell and how to get it,” said Chief Executive Officer Wayne Johnson. “But today’s customers are savvier and want more value. They also strive to get to know who they’re buying from, and to create a relationship with the company.”

“The site was designed for our distributor partners who already know Accuform, our products and what we stand for as a company,” he added. “It’s faster and easier to navigate with a user-friendly dashboard that gives them the most information they need from the homepage.”

Dave Johnson, President of Accuform, said, “Our primary website,, is a user-friendly introduction to Accuform Signs. It helps to tell the story of what we believe in as a family-owned and operated company that lives safety, embraces technology and strives to treat its employees like they were a part of our family. Distributors can also access Accuform-Distributor.comby logging in from”     

Both websites have a clean user interface and easy navigation. Users have the ability to search by industry, category, application or brand, and features like “Live Chat” and a faster search engine are also present. Accuform distributor partners can instantly get quotes and check on orders with easy-to-use dashboard, even create their own marketing brochures.

“The safety sign and facility identification industry as a whole is competitive, but most of the sites out there are cold and stale,” continued CEO Wayne Johnson. “We wanted to connect with our users by listening to what they wanted and provide them the tools and personal touch that they’ve come to expect with Accuform. Our customers live safety, and they know we do as well.”  

About Accuform Signs

Accuform Signs, located in Brooksville, FL, is the leading manufacturer of facility safety identification products. Founded in 1976, Accuform Signs sells products to a network of distributors throughout North America, South America and Asia. From personalized safety signs, safety tags and labels, to traffic safety and lockout/tag out products, Accuform Signs provides the products and sales support for the distributors that define the safety industry.