SHAX portable work sheltersErgodyne has announced the expansion of their SHAX® Portable Work Shelters to include the new SHAX® 6010 Lightweight Tent and SHAX® Umbrella Series including models 6100, 6190, and 6191. Offering fast relief from the elements in a portable, easy to assemble system, these new SHAX® products protect workers in various outdoor workzones by providing fast UV and heat relief.

"According to OSHA, there were 4,200 reported cases of injury and 53 reported deaths caused by extreme heat in 2011," said Adria Hardy, product manager, Ergodyne. "One important method to combat the damaging effects of heat stress is offering onsite shaded areas that serve as a refuge - our new SHAX® Tent and Umbrella do just that and are highly durable for any jobsite."

Ideal for workers at high risk for heat stress, the SHAX® 6010 Lightweight Tent and SHAX® Umbrella Series products are available now at all authorized Ergodyne distributors. For more information or to find out where to buy, email or call 800.225.8238 // +1 651.642.9889.