Vendor NewsThis year, German-based security products manufacturer ABUS is proud to celebrate its ninetieth year of business, an important milestone that not many companies today can claim.

In 1924, ABUS, which stands for August Bremicker und Söhne (“and sons”), was started by August Bremicker and his sons in the cellar of their family home in the small village of Wetter, Germany. The Bremickers entered the security industry producing padlocks, hasps and staples.

Over the past 90 years, ABUS has expanded to specialize in many different areas of security, offering full home, mobile and business solutions.

Quality German engineering and innovation play a large role in the continued success of ABUS throughout the years. Original concepts such as the Diskus® padlock and the ABUS-Plus cylinder combined with the use of high quality materials truly make ABUS a premium brand that outlasts and outperforms its competitors.

Today, the ABUS headquarters is still based in Wetter, Germany and after 90 years remains a family-run company, currently under the leadership of Christian Bremicker, one of the great-grandsons of August Bremicker. With nearly 3,000 employees across the globe, ABUS has established itself as a worldwide leader in security products manufacturing with a presence in over 100 different countries.

"Since the foundation of ABUS 90 years ago, the company grew, thanks to God, in a constant and healthy way and is clearly still growing today,” said Christian Bremicker. “Due to our requirements for producing the highest quality products, the constant development of new and better security solutions in the fields of mechanics, mechatronics and electronics, and last but not least our excellent employees, we went from a regional to a worldwide leading supplier and manufacturer of security products."

About ABUS

The ABUS group supplies markets across the globe with customized security solutions. ABUS’s international production sites work closely with the company’s German production locations to generate synergies and successfully manufacture high-quality products to an internationally recognized standard. ABUS manufactures a wide range of products including high-security padlocks, chains and cables, lockout/tagout padlocks and more.