FitPro testing with firefighters
FitPro testing with firefighters

TSI Incorporated, manufacturer of the only proven quantitative respirator fit testing equipment, announces the introduction of FitPro+™ Fit Test Software for the PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester. The new software is designed for expanded use and ultimate efficiency in respirator fit testing while maintaining the ability to provide the same trusted real-time results. In addition to being installed on all new units, the new software is available as a free upgrade option for currently-owned PortaCount Fit Tester Models 8020/8030/8038.

The FitPro+ Software incorporates multiple new added features. Utilizing a single dashboard style interface, the new software has the ability to easily test up to four people simultaneously (Models 8030/8038 only) using one computer. More so, one comprehensive record tools screen provides for easy access to a variety of database utilities (copy, export, etc.) Now running on an MS Access based database system allows for quicker, simpler installation and setup as well as easier database sharing and maintenance. Plus, the new software expands compatibility for use with Microsoft® Windows® 8.

“TSI is pleased to offer this advancement in fit test software evolving from valuable feedback we’ve received from our customers. Changes to the software were not only necessitated by recent support announcements made by Microsoft but they will also allow our customers to maximize the efficiency in which they manage their respiratory protection programs,” says Vince Majkowski, Sr. Global Marketing Manager.

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