Worker Memorial DayThe annual commemoration of those killed on the job is fast approaching, and a variety of organizations are getting ready to hold solemn events on April 28. While Workers’ Memorial Day is observed around the globe, this will be its 25th anniversary in the United States.

“Workers Memorial Day is so much more than a day to honor and remember our loved ones,” according to the website Worker Memorial Day (, which says its goal is, “Transforming tragedy into prevention.” A prominent feature on the site is a slideshow of photos of workplace fatality victims sent in by their family members.

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Every 15 seconds

Worldwide, one worker dies every 15 seconds, resulting in two million deaths a year as a result of work-related accidents and diseases. In the U.S., an average of 14 workers die each day.

Typical of the stateside events is one being held in La Cross, Wisconsin, where local groups including local factory workers, firefighters, nurses, public sector employees, and community members join with elected officials to mourn for those who were injured or killed on the job in the past year and to commit to escalating the fight for safer jobs.

Drawing attention to workplace hazards

The AFL-CIO is using the opportunity to draw attention to workplace hazards and call for stronger regulatory safeguards and enforcement.

Among the Workers Memorial Day programs the union is holding:

The following worker safety materials are available from the AFL-CIO: