Fastenal Company in March announced its sales figures for the month of February, 2014. Sales were up 7.7% above February 2013 figures, increasing from $254,861,000 to $274,524,000. Daily sales also increased 7.7%. Stores more than ten years old had a sales increase of 4.5%. Stores more than five years old saw sales increase 5.4%. Stores more than two years old had sales jump 6.5%.

Daily sales in the manufacturing end market grew by 8.8% in February. Non-residential construction end market sales in February increased a scant 0.7% on a daily basis, compared to a 4.3% increase in February 2013.

Fastenal selling personnel in February 2014 numbered 11,467 – compared to 9,922 a year ago. Store personnel in February 2014 numbered 10,230 – compared to 8,786 a year ago.