DuPont Sustainable Solutions' forklift safety programDuPont Sustainable Solutions has launched two new safety programs featuring real-life case histories to help engage employees and deliver impactful lessons related to forklift safety and fall protection. 

Forklift Case History is a new forklift safety program that shows employees how to prepare to lift a load and protect themselves as they load and unload flatbed trucks.  The program begins with the tragic, real-life story of an employee who fell 15 feet to the ground and was crushed by a falling load. It draws key safety lessons from the incident and explains how the tragedy could have been prevented. An interview with the victim’s parents adds a human element and takes this program beyond simple compliance training.

Forklift Case History highlights the importance of safety training before operating a forklift and covers the steps for performing pre-operational and operational inspections.  The program also offers guidance on working with a load, handling suspended loads, and key safety measures for loading and unloading flatbed trucks. In addition, it covers fall protection guidelines like using guardrails, fall arrest systems and safety monitoring systems. This course is available as a DVD, streaming video and is coming soon as an interactive, customizable online training course.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions also draws safety lessons from another true story of a worker who fell to his death.  Fall Protection Case History was developed to help train employees in various industries and stresses the importance of fall arrest systems.  It alerts viewers to the fact that falls can happen anywhere. It outlines the three key steps of a Fall Hazards Control Program: identifying hazards, using five kinds of fall hazard controls and reviewing such controls. The program also covers the three main components of a personal fall arrest system, and ends by reflecting on how a Fall Hazards Control Program could have prevented a real-life tragic fall.

Additional information is available by calling 800-861-2221 or emailing A free online preview of these courses is accessible at Preview and purchase online or get instant access with CoastalFlix™ streaming video. Follow us on Twitter at @DSSLearning.

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