Global GloveThe new PantherGuard™  line comes in 3 new styles:

The 675PF is a 6 mil orange nitrile disposable with a  long cuff.

The 775PF is a 6 mil, orange nitrile disposable, in a regular length. Dual-Color (white inside) technology provides a quick, easy, and convenient way to identify soiled gloves for no-mistake disposal.

Both styles have freeze dried Aloe that activates during use to moisturize cracked and chapped hands.

Applications include electronic assembly, food processing, laboratory work, agriculture, cleaning, painting and general pharmaceutical use. Not for medical use..

The new PantherGaurd™ 800F is a 8 mil, black Flock lined long cuff disposable. The Flock lining helps keep hands warm when it gets cool and absorb perspiration when it gets hot. The flock lining is also great for easy donning. These heavy duty disposables are perfect for automotive, electronic, assembly, agricultural and cleaning applications

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