Comfort Air half masksClaudio Dente, President of Dentec Safety Specialists, is happy to present the latest developments in respiratory comfort and effectiveness. Mr. Dente remarked, “Our Comfort Air® half masks have a unique design which allows the mask to sit lower on the nose providing extended wear and comfort. Combined with the multi-position cartridge adjustment, makes it possible to fit under a faceshield or welding helmet These features greatly reduces interference with eye protection and provides a wider field of vision. Look at the following unique features to see how it works to achieve more comfort and efficiency.”

The extra large inhalation valves decreases breathing resistance when inhaling, increasing comfort and productivity. The unique corrugated exhalation valve diaphragm allows hot air to exit the mask more easily while decreasing heat build up inside the mask. Our unique space plenum built into every cartridge and filter retainer, allows the wearer to use up the cartridge more completely (to the outside edges) so that the cartridges last a lot longer. This also reduces filter loading and breathing resistance.

The Comfort Air® half masks are available in three materials, silicone, thermoplastic and elastomeric facepieces.  The full face mask is available in silicone and neoprene rubber. Comfort-Air® respirator products are available in air purifying half mask and full face masks with cartridges, half and full face masks air supplied.

About Dentec Safety Specialists Inc.

 Dentec Safety Specialists presents industry with safety solutions, completely supported by PPE (personal protection equipment) training through the sales and service of 5 different product lines, including; head protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, protective apparel and hi-viz traffic vests. 

Contact: Claudio Dente
President, Dentec Safety Specialists