Safe-in-Sound awardsIn 2007, The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) partnered with the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) to create a series of awards for excellence or innovation in hearing loss prevention. The objectives of these awards are to recognize organizations that document measurable achievements in hearing loss prevention programs, and to obtain information on their real world successes. The Safe-in-Sound Excellence and Innovation in Hearing Loss Prevention Awards™ honor excellent hearing loss prevention (HLP) practices in the work environment. Applicants are evaluated against key performance indicators in a review process designed to evaluate hearing loss prevention programs in each of three work sectors; construction, manufacturing and services. In addition, a fourth award for Innovation in Hearing Loss Prevention recognizes individuals and/or business entities, regardless of sector/NAICS code affiliation (e.g., companies or individuals whose work, at least in part, epitomizes innovation in hearing loss prevention but who are not necessarily part of the three work sectors identified above).

Please consider who is striving for excellence and creating innovation in their hearing loss prevention programs in your day to day encounters, and encourage them to apply for this round of Safe-in-Sound Awards™. Self-nominations are submitted onlineat For an application to be considered complete, we require two letters of support: One letter should be from external sources familiar with the program and/or innovation (such as you!), and the other should come from someone who has directly benefited from the innovation or program itself. Most often, our best candidates are encouraged to apply from others outside their own organization who recognize their accomplishments.

Self-nomination/final applications are due September 8, 2014. See for additional information. Feel free to contact Dr. Deanna Meinke at the Safe-in-Sound Expert Committee Coordinator if you have questions.

The 2015 Awards will be presented at the 40th NHCA Annual Conference, to be held February 19-21, 2015 in New Orleans, LA.