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It sometimes happens that an advertising campaign expresses perfectly why and how a product really meets a need and brings plus. "Why choose a Formula One car to represent our product? Just because Grip & Proof gloves are dedicated to very demanding and oily environment, and implies a high level of safety. Another reason is that it is just ideal for precision work,’’ explains Christelle Scepi, Marketing Director at Mapa Professional.

But why and how was this technology conceived? ‘’Thanks to our expertise and reliable test methods, we have designed this glove range with a technology that combines liquid resistance and grip. Hence the name of the technology!’’ When handling oily or dirty parts, workers are in contact with cutting fluids which, due to the products they contain, are often irritants. ‘’ Not to mention the risk of eczema, dermatitis, muscle fatigue and risk of dropping objects that can be increased and affect working conditions,’’ adds Christelle Scepi. There are many other assets. With an optimum skin protection, an excellent grip, and a proven durability, Grip & Proof offers better productivity and allows company to optimize their costs. ‘’These are the benefits automotive, mechanical or maintenance industries are looking for, explains Christelle Scepi, as they often gather oily or dirty environments.’’

Initially developed in 2013, the range is still expanding. Thus, the Ultrane range welcomes two new gloves–Ultrane 525 & 526 offering a good grip and various levels of skin protection. The Krynit range, specifically dedicated to cut protection, now introduces 4 gloves, 2 of which are totally new – Krynit 599 & 600. ‘’Last but not least, the Kronit cut range is certainly the best cut protective glove in the market, designed for heavy duty work,’’ assures Christelle Scepi. As says Mapa Professional’s slogan, there really is a solution for every hand that work.

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We are Mapa Professional, one of the world top players in safety protection solutions. For every hand that works, we develop gloves that meet all requirements of End Users, thanks to our capacity to innovate which is part of our DNA. Food, Chemical, Mechanical, Engineering, Energy, Fishing, Construction, Critical Environments… we collaborate for various industries in more than 90 countries. Since 1948, Mapa Professional operates wherever need is.

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