Thought LeadershipWhen safety is a personal value people naturally choose to make the safe choice.

They don't need a no-texting or seat belt law. They even use hearing protection and safety glasses at home.

Employers who have safety as a value make their workplace safe because they want to -- not because of a government regulation. In fact, the real safety champions go way beyond regulations to protect their people.

What is needed is to help people make safety one of their values. When they see how having safety as a value is beneficial to them and their family, they adopt it as their own.

The value of safety

One challenge is helping new managers or supervisors take on safety as a value. They are often so focused on production or profit they do not understand how important safety is. They don't have enough experience to know that a safe workplace is a profitable and productive workplace.

I remember having breakfast with a business owner in the construction industry. I asked him for his thoughts on safety. He said that he and his wife believed it would be immoral for them to make money from people being injured.

Safety is a value for them.

He also pointed out because of their focus on safety, he makes more money. He had enough business experience to see the connection.

Make sure new supervisors learn from those with experience that safety, in fact, has a value of creating greater productivity.

I love the fact when leaders hold safety as a value they are rewarded by having a better and more effective workplace. It's nice when things work out that way.

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