Reminding workers to wear their PPE is a big part of keeping them safe. But as a busy safety manager, the last thing you want is to be your company’s new CNO – Chief Nagging Officer! You can make your job easier while making your workers happier and safer by implementing an easy PPE Wear Testing Program. Some safety managers have found as much as an 85% reduction in cuts after taking these simple steps.

Research the best PPE types for the hazard

Before you begin wear testing, you’ll need to do your research. Talk to a safety expert you trust about the hazards your workers face, how you can reduce or eliminate dangers, and what PPE you’ll need to protect them. Once you’ve narrowed your PPE possibilities down to two or three choices, you’re ready to let your workers wear test.

  1.  Show workers the options and have them try everything on. Let them pick what they feel most comfortable in and what will best serve their needs.
  2. Decide how long you expect the item to last. Whether it’s an hour, a day, or a month, make sure your people understand that you’ll be waiting to hear what they think.
  3. Be ready for verbal feedback. You might have a worker show up within the hour to tell you they want to try something else!
  4. When the trial period is up, give workers a simple form to fill out and allow space for comments. It’s a good idea to start with general feedback that’s very simple for a busy worker to complete and ask specific questions later in the form for those who have more to say.
  5. Take a look at all the feedback, review your safety assessment checklist and make your final choice.

Reap the benefits of letting workers test PPE

Once your workers have played a part in picking their PPE, you can remind them they have no excuse for not wearing it! And workers who are bought into the choice won’t need so many reminders. That lets you spend more time on bigger safety issues, and less time nagging!

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