After reading your article on theSecond Half of Your Life, I realized that I am on the right track in what I am doing.

I am a public employee who because of my national origin started late in my working life in America. I am in my 50s and I will retire in a few years. When I retire in a few years, I will not have enough money to pay my mortgage. Because of that knowledge, I asked myself, what could I do now to ensure that I have a decent life when I retire.

In the course of evaluating potential future opportunities, I decided to go into safety training. Since I am a licensed environmental engineer, I started providing safety training for my organization. In order to give myself more credibility in safety, I took the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and the Certified Environmental Health Trainer (CET) exams and passed both exams.

Furthermore, I completed the OSHA Train-the-Trainer courses for the General and Construction Industries. With all these credentials, I wanted to do part-time lost control services for the insurance industry. When I checked with Texas Department of Insurance I found out that unless I am an insurance agent, I can only do limited loss control services.

I took the insurance pre-license course and eventually became licensed insurance agent in property and casualty/life & health insurance. When workers’ compensation adjuster pre-license course was offered to me for free, I took the course and subsequently became a licensed worker comp adjuster. Because I am currently a full-time public employee, I am not able to use 75% of my skills.

At this time, I practice very limited insurance sales outside my primary job; however, I have continued to develop my skills in all my areas of certification through continuing education courses and self-developing materials. I do so because I want to be completely ready to make that transition when the time comes.

I am sharing this story with you because you hit a cord in one of my nerves.

I know that although I am not using most of my skills now, they will come in handy when the time comes to implement the Second Half of My Life. I read most of your articles and I just want to thank you for letting people know that they should be thinking of the Second Half of Their Lives. I have planned the second half of my life and I pray to God for good health and his blessings of my plans because only God can help me see it through. Thank you.