Vendor NewsFalling is easily one of the most dangerous aspects in the roofing and construction industry, when a fall occurs on a jobsite it can often result in serious injury or death. In the efforts to prevent such hazards AES Raptor, LLC of North Kansas City, MO and Premier Rail Systems Inc. of Kansas City, KS are proud to announce the merging of their two companies to create Leading Edge Safety, LLC.

According to the NIOSH (The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), falls are the leading cause of fatal injury in the construction industry. In fact, half of all work-related fatal falls in the United States occur in the construction industry. NIOSH’s specific prevention recommendations have included site-specific evaluation of potential fall hazards; implementation of fall protection programs; proper erection, maintenance, and use of access equipment; installation and maintenance of appropriate barriers (e.g., guard rails, such as the RaptorRail and/or covers, such as the Skynet, on floor openings); along with proper selection and use of fall restraint/fall arrest systems in situations where exposure to falls cannot be eliminated.

Creating Leading Edge Safety, LLC offers solutions for all of your fall protection needs. Expanding their lineup to include everything from their respected mobile fall protection anchor points (e.g. TriRex, Stinger and R2000 mobile fall protection carts), to temporary and permanent perimeter railing systems. By creating the Leading Edge, LLC they can now offer a one stop solution to the products that allow you to continue a safe and productive work site.

Leading Edge Safety, LLC is led by Brent Smith formerly of AES Raptor, LLC and Mike Budenbender formerly of Premier Rail Systems Inc. Sales will be managed by Jeremy Martin and Matt Small, while operations will be managed by Travis Budenbender. Leading Edge, LLC specialize in Fall Protection Systems for commercial and industrial applications, and are based out of North Kansas City, MO. All Leading Edge Safety, LLC products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.