Falls from roof tops, skylights, holes and other openings are a significant hazard, often resulting in serious injury or death. To help prevent this hazard, Premier Rail Systems (PRS) of Kansas City, KS is proud to announce its unique new Permanent Guard Rail System. PRS exceeds OSHA standards 1926.502 for fall protection, is installed without pitch pans insuring a 100% water-tight roof system, incorporates a unique offset upright design to keep workers away from the edge, and installs faster than other permanent guardrail system with no welding or cutting on site. Premier Rail Systems offers the only permanent guardrail system that does not penetrate the roof membrane. The unique design of PRS allows installation under coping caps, drip edges, gravel stop edges, and even gutter edges. For building owners concerned about aesthetics, PRS design allows the exposed bracket below the sheet metal to be custom color matched to the existing building while the uprights and horizontal rails can be safety yellow or a separate custom color choice.

PRS is a passive permanent fall protection system manufactured exclusively by AES Raptor of North Kansas City, MO, a well known leader in fall protection and prevention innovation.

According to the NIOSH (The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry—in fact, half of all work-related fatal falls in the United States occur in the construction industry. Specific prevention recommendations have included sites-pecific evaluation of potential fall hazards, implementation of fall protection programs, proper erection, maintenance, and use of access equipment; installation and maintenance of appropriate barriers (e.g. guardrails, such as Premier Rail Systems); and proper selection and use of fall restraint and fall arrest systems in situations where exposure to falls cannot be eliminated.

Premier Rail Systems specializes in Permanent Guardrail Systems for commercial and industrial applications and is located in Kansas City, KS. All Premier Rail Systems are manufactured in the United States of America by AES Raptor, LLC of North Kansas City, MO.