GrayWolf DirectSenseGrayWolf introduces new multi-parameter air measurement kits that include 7", 8" or 10" tablet PCs to meet lower cost DirectSense IAQ, TVOC, TOX, HVAC and AIR applications. Use the smaller tablets for portable display of measurements, “snap-shot” data-logs and/or short-term trend logging. Additionally use the 10" tablet for multi-probe and long-term monitoring. All of these tablets come with cameras that enable direct attachment of photos and videos to data files, on-site. Their microphones allow audio note attachment for highly efficient and reliable documentation of field surveys. Via the included WiFi card, the 10" tablet empowers optional GrayWolfLive cloud software for remote access to logged files, and optional remote alerts/alarms. DirectSense TAB kits also come with GrayWolf branded accessories; a protective pouch with hand strap (for 8" and 10" versions), probe adapters, hard-shell security case, capacitive stylus and more. GrayWolf probes may be used cross-platform (tablets, GrayWolf’s rugged, purpose-built AdvancedSense® meters, GrayWolf’s WolfPack® area monitors and/or WIN XP/7/8 laptop PCs).

When it comes to environmental measurements for applications such as indoor air quality (IAQ) assessment, worker exposure monitoring or general HVAC testing, appropriate sensor technology is crucial. Multiple sensors may be connected to the DirectSense tablets (up to 6 sensors together for smaller tablets, and 32 simultaneously on some 8” and all 10” versions). Measure your choice of TVOCs, Carbon Dioxide (for ventilation assessment), Particulates, Air Velocity, %RH, ºC/ºF and specific gases (such as Ozone, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, NO2, NO, H2S, SO2, O2, Cl2, HCl, HCN and many more).

Data and operator observations are both essential to reliably record in support of environmental surveys. The DirectSense TAB kits provide efficient, dependable documentation that goes well beyond other instrumentation on the market.

Versatile Logging
Easily create descriptive data file names on-site. Log instantaneously, as a “snapshot”, trend log over time, or set up the Tablet to auto-log over a specific time interval. You can even interrupt a trend log session to utilize the same unit to spot check outdoor air conditions, and then resume the long-term logging.

Notes are easily attached to data files on-site for efficient, reliable documentation. Add text notes via the virtual keyboard. Record audio notes. Even attach photos and videos to data files with the tablets’ built-in cameras.

On-board Educational Info
Gain access to useful information in-situ. Extensive statistics about each sensor/parameter (basic sensor tips, typical background levels, health effects, government guidelines, etc.) are available simply by tapping on readings on the display.

Remote Access to DataOptional GrayWolfLive™ cloud-based WiFi access to all instrument readings (real-time and logged data), with e-mail and text alert options.

Once information is collected in the field, WolfSense® PC software (supplied as standard) enables simple analysis and report creation. Optional “Advanced Report Generator” software automates the entire reporting process, specific to your application.

An industry leader since 1998, GrayWolf’s environmental instrumentation is utilized by commercial and governmental professionals in high rise buildings, hospitals, airports, schools, universities, manufacturing plants, refineries, oil platforms, shipboard and many other types of facilities. Worldwide management, sales, service and customer support is headquartered in Shelton, CT (USA). Manufacturing and service is also performed in Ireland, with additional support available through a worldwide network of distributors; many set up as authorized service centers. GrayWolf provides advanced sensor and software technology, employing the power of embedded computers (and Tablet/Laptop PCs), for superior, intuitive, portable diagnostic environmental instrumentation.

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