arc flashOnly three days after an employee of Kolek Woodshop Inc. of Creighton, Pa., was electrocuted in September 2014 on a roofing job in Tarentum, his employer sent another worker to finish the job -- amid the same hazards.

Did not report fatality

The company has been cited by OSHA for willfully exposing the second worker to preventable electrical hazards after the fatality. The company also failed to report the fatality to OSHA.

 A willful violation is one committed with intentional, knowing or voluntary disregard for the law's requirement, or with plain indifference to employee safety and health.

"Completely despicable"

"The blatant disregard for worker safety demonstrated is horrifying and completely despicable. This company's failure to implement basic safeguards resulted in tragedy," said Christopher Robinson, director of OSHA's Pittsburgh Area Office. "Kolek's willingness to expose another person's life to the same dangers just 72 hours after the first fatality is alarming."

OSHA investigators determined that the employer provided workers with a ladder without nonconductive side rails. The ladder then contacted power lines, which resulted in the fatality. They also concluded that the company erected an aluminum scaffold too close to a 7,200-volt power line; exposed roofing workers removing shingles to fall hazards; and failed to train employees. These conditions resulted in four alleged serious violations.

Kolek faces penalties of $67,900.