Who founded Wells Lamont, when and where?

The Wells Glove Company started out in 1907 in Aberdeen, South Dakota by William O. Wells. It started with $500 and 5 sewing machines.

In 1914, Maurice Lamont became partner and the name was changed to Wells Lamont Corporation

Today, Wells Lamont Industrial (WLI) is part of the industrial sector under The Marmon Group, A Berkshire Hathaway company.

The basic principles that W.O. founded the company on are still in practice today:

• Conduct your business with utmost integrity.

• Do what your competitors cannot do.

• The customer is your top priority.

• There is no substitute for quality products.

What was the original product line?

Buggy whips, hosiery, leather gloves .

Who were the original customers?

JC Penney.

Who comprises the current leadership team (CEO, etc.) at Wells Lamont?

Dan Schmidtt, WLI General Manager and William C. Trainer, President Marmon Safety Products.

What should safety managers know about Wells Lamont in 2015?

WLI mission remains the same — to provide products that reduce hand injuries for workers without sacrificing quality, resulting in product longevity and the total cost of ownership. Many gloves are manufactured in the USA in the Philadelphia, MS plant. The Whizard and Jomac brand names are part of Wells Lamont product offering.

What benefits does Wells Lamont derive from being a member of the IGA?

WLI is committed to the glove Industry and has been actively involved on the board for several years. William Trainer and Kimberly O’Leary have both served as presidents. IGA is valuable for glove market trends, material technology trends, networking, and being part of the voice of the glove industry.  

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