Dr. Tom Krause and Kristen Bell have joined forces to form the Krause Bell Group. Dr. Krause is a pioneer in organizational safety and a thought leader in the development of new methods for organizational performance improvement. Kristen Bell is an expert in human and organizational performance with a background in research, innovation, and business management.

The Krause Bell Group (www.krausebellgroup.com) works with U.S. and multi-national organizations to build capability to accelerate performance improvement. Krause Bell Group’s services include guiding safety strategy; organizing think tanks; extracting insights from corporate and site-level data; developing tools for assessing and improving performance; meeting with individual leaders; and presenting thought leadership at corporate and site-level meetings and webinars.

Contact: Thomas R. Krause (805) 340-8765; tkrause@krausebellgroup.com; Kristen J. Bell (805) 798-4152; kbell@krausebellgroup.com