Protective footwear and anti-fog goggles were among the top occupational safety and health products featured on this week.


New harness series from FallTech – Journeyman Flex

Featuring lightweight aluminum hardware and stitched down pads for better fit

FallTech, a leading manufacturer of fall protection products built for workers who are exposed to falls from elevation, today announced the release of the Journeyman Flex series of full body harnesses.


Protection, durability and style – Tingley does it again with the Orion XT Traction Overshoe

Tingley Rubber Corporation, a leading supplier of protective footwear and clothing, announces the introduction of Winter-Tuff® Orion XTTM Ice Traction Overshoes in sizes S to 2XL to fit men’s work boots 4 to 15. “Tingley has long been known as the ‘overshoe company’ and we’re upholding that tradition with the debut of the Orion XT”, said Robert Petersen, Product Manager for Tingley Rubber. 


Wheelz® safety goggles provide anti-fog features, compact design

Top complaints from workers wearing safety eyewear frequently center around fogging. Wheelz® goggles by Gateway Safety were designed specifically to fight fogging with a unique Whirlwind™ ventilation system, which circulates air through the inner frame area between the face and lens.


Permanent mount LED deck light released by Larson Electronics

Industrial lighting specialist Larson Electronics announced the release of a 30 watt LED deck light equipped with a 360° spindle that allows for complete rotation while being permanently mounted.