Gateway Safety GirlzGear glassesIntroducing the latest addition to the GirlzGear® family of safety products: Metro™ safety eyewear with a pink camo frame! These new safety glasses feature an extremely unique look – with a camouflage pattern that is designed to be bold, fun and stylish.

“Many PPE manufacturers claim they have a line of women’s safety products by adding a few pink temples onto their standard safety glasses and calling it a day,” says Marketing Manager Katie Mielcarek. “Here at Gateway Safety, we are thinking ‘outside the box’ to develop a wider selection of size and style options for women at work. Men have a huge number of styles to choose from…and women should too.”

Metro safety glasses, since their launch in 2011, have quickly become a product leader in style for both men and women. The line includes a glossy pink, tortoise shell, glossy black and caramel colored frame options, and is now available in the bold pink camo frame option.

Metro is one of several eye protection products within the GirlzGear family. With women making up a greater share of the workforce, Gateway Safety launched GirlzGear in 2011 to offer a better selection of safety eyewear to women.  GirlzGear products were developed to both fit women better than traditional options, and appeal to women with more stylish solutions. Tailoring the size and design of safety eyewear for women can help reduce gaps and increase coverage around the eyes to prevent eye injuries. And adding style improves compliance. GirlzGear products have been a valuable choice for employers to look to for their female employees.

Metro pink camo is extremely lightweight, with a soft nosepiece for added comfort. The pink camo frame is available in clear, gray and pink mirror lens options. Metro is UL certified to meet the ANSI Z87.1+ high impact standard, and also meets the ballistic impact resistance requirements for eyewear in US Military Performance Specification MIL PRF-31013.

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