Gateway SafetyFor those working in dusty environments, foam-lined safety eyewear is a must. Gateway Safety expands the popular StarLite family and now offers a new foam-lined, anti-fog eyewear solution: StarLite FOAMPRO. These safety glasses are lined with a soft, closed-cell foam to prevent dust and debris from getting into the eyes.

This isn’t an average foam, though. StarLite FOAMPRO features new OptiFit™ foam technology. It’s a revolutionary, tapered foam designed to provide a more tailored fit and an improved seal around the eyes. OptiFit foam was developed to meet the needs of varying facial profiles, reducing gaps around the eyes with its graduated foam design.

Recognizing that older workers need foam-lined safety eyewear too, FOAMPRO is available in a 1.5 and 2.0 bifocal MAG version as well.

“We looked at the current products in the market and wanted to develop something with superior performance, a MAG option and better fit and comfort,” said product development manager Bonnie San.

FOAMPRO, with the same popular look as the original StarLite, also offers superior style. Instead of a stark black foam color, which often produces a ‘raccoon-eye’ look, FOAMPRO’s smooth foam is a soft gray color.

FOAMPRO is a powerful anti-fog solution as well. Venting channels along the foam lining help with air circulation behind the lens, and all lens options include Gateway Safety’s quality anti-fog coating. Together, these two features help combat fog in a tough way.

“FOAMPRO is truly a one-of-a-kind safety eyewear solution,” said San. “It fits so many worker needs including dust protection, improved foam fit, no ‘raccoon eyes’, anti-fog performance, AND a bifocal option to help workers see small parts or read detailed drawings.”

Just like the original StarLite, FOAMPRO is lightweight and third-party certified by UL to meet ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3. 

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