SellstromSureWerx (formerly JET Group), a leading supplier of professional tools, equipment and safety products for workers across North America, announced today the acquisition of KP Industries, a leading U.S. brand of knee and elbow protection based in Old Mission, Michigan.

Bill Jeffery, Senior Vice President of Corporate & Brand Development states “The acquisition of KP Industries is perfectly aligned with our corporate strategy to complement our existing safety programs by introducing a complete professional PPE safety portfolio into the Canadian market and to expand our portfolio and reach into the U.S. safety market”

“KP Industries is the original designer and manufacturer of the now famous KneePro series of knee pads, sold extensively in the U.S. and around the globe since 1990. The KneePro Ultra Flex III knee pad is regarded as one of the best knee pads in the market, incorporating superior design features and functionality that provide outstanding comfort, fit, durability and safety to users in a wide range of applications”.

“The addition of the KneePro Ultra Flex III knee pad, the premium Ultra Flex III Hybrid with laminate gel insert, as well as ArmorPro Elbow Guard elbow pads to our already extensive line of safety products further strengthens our position as North America’s source for unique and innovative safety solutions for the professional markets. As part of SureWerx, we expect to significantly increase market share as this proven product is made available to our North American distribution partners as part of our “One Source” strategy. KneePro products will be yet another complementary brand available to them under the SureWerx banner”.

Commenting on the acquisition, Chuck Knox, founder of KP Industries said “I am delighted to turn the Knee Pro business over to the SureWerx group. I believe the KneePro product line will thrive alongside the extensive portfolio of professional products at SureWerx”.

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