For the seventh time in seven inspections, a Georgia masonry contractor has been cited for exposing workers on scaffolding to dangerous fall risks.

Montgomery-based MMC Construction Montgomery, faces $130,500 in fines for its latest failed OSHA inspection.

No guardrails

OSHA ispectors issued citations to MMC Construction for two willful safety violations after seeing employees working on the second level of a scaffold without guardrails. This inspection fell under OSHA's Regional Emphasis Program on Falls in Construction.

The agency issued the willful citations for the employer's failure to protect employees from fall hazards while working from heights up to 13 feet. MMC did not require the use of a ladder or other means of safe access to the scaffold and failed to ensure all open sides of the scaffold had guardrails.

Refusal to comply

"MMC Construction's continued refusal to comply with OSHA safety standards is putting its employees in serious and potentially fatal danger," said Joseph Roesler, OSHA's area director in Mobile. "Falls are a leading cause of death in the construction industry. OSHA remains committed to holding employers accountable for ensuring all workers are protected."

MMC has had six OSHA inspections in the last five years, and the agency as cited the company for violations of OSHA's construction scaffold standard in every inspection.

Based in Dacula, Georgia, MMC Construction is a residential and commercial masonry contractor. The company has 10 employees.