More than 100 families affected by fracking sent a letter to President Obama recently, asking for him to meet with them and hear about their experiences.

The letter says the residents have been “abandoned” by governmental officials and agencies at the local, state and federal levels. It was coordinated by Friends of the Harmed, an all-volunteer, direct-service organization providing relief to families affected by fracking in Pennsylvania.

The group’s director, Dana Dolney, said it’s not too late for Obama “to provide leadership on fracking as part of his lasting legacy for the history books.”

The activists want Obama to meet with them in advance of next week’s Democratic National Convention, which will be the site of a march calling for a “Clean Energy Revolution” which will include a ban on fracking and extreme fossil fuel extraction and a swift transition to renewables. Environmentalists are angry over the DNC Platform drafting committee's decision last week to leave a ban on fracking out of the DNC platform.

Food & Water Watch, which helped with the letter, pointed out that extensive fracking operations take place in Pennsylvania, which is hosting the DNC. Executive Director Wenonah Hauter accused Obama and the Democratic party of ignoring the negative impacts of fracking.

“We need our federal and state agencies to stop sweeping fracking harms under the rug,” she said.

Friends of the Harmed has compiled two publications that include personal testimonials of affected individuals. Shalefield Stories, Vol. 2 is available for a small donation which is used to provide replacement water, air filters and independent testing relief to families in the gas fields of the Marcellus. For more information, visit