Educate, equip and empower (3E) has long been the building blocks of excellence that Safety Marketing Group (SMG) has utilized to build knowledge and rapport among some of the world’s best and most respected safety suppliers and distributors. As the world’s largest consortium of independently owned safety equipment distributors, SMG realized the need for more structure, consistent training and certification programs in order for distributors to become experts in their fields. Through education, distributors can gain a better understanding of the products and consumers they serve.

  • Educate: Distributors receive specialized and exclusive training from the group’s preferred suppliers covering products, regulations and end-users.
  • Equip: Suppliers equip distributors with sample kits, literature and tools to enable successful and differentiated sales calls.
  • Empower: A focus on empowering the relationship between supplier and distributor by joint marketing and expert sales support.

What does 3E mean to you?


Safety expertise! Through the group’s shared goal of creating the most knowledgeable safety equipment sales reps, you can expect a differentiated experience when working with an SMG member.

Distributors & Suppliers

Sales Growth! This investment in the distributor member’s education is designed to help all parties achieve growth the right way, through safety expertise! Together we’re vested in ensuring the end-users we work with receive the level of excellence that safety demands.

Step Up Your Game!

3E has experienced great success and year-over-year growth in attendance since its inception, which is all the more reason to enhance the offering! The 3E courses are not only essential to the professional development of distributors, but also for strengthening their partnerships with suppliers. SMG will be striving to create consistencies among the trainings to ensure distributors’ expectations are met and all parties are positioned to best capture their ROI.

SMG will be supporting its preferred suppliers’ efforts to enhance their 3E training with just some of the following best practices:

  • Beginner 101 & Advanced 201
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Reversed Classroom
  • Solution Based
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Competent person

And that’s not all! 3E will be tied into SMG’s new Safety Equipment Expert (SEE) certification program. The details of which will be explained in an upcoming blog.SMG strives to ensure that safety professionals are well trained by developing carefully structured coursework that is taught by industry thought leaders. Through clearly defined goals and certification programs, Safety Marketing Group seeks to elevate the value proposition for Senior Safety Specialists that are invested in SMG, while simultaneously protecting end-user workers.

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