To help EHS professionals keep up with major changes to the US EPA’s hazardous waste regulations, Lion Technology this week launched the live, interactive Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule Webinar.

On October 28, US EPA finalized a long-awaited rulemaking, called the Generator Improvements Rule, which will have significant and lasting impacts for businesses that generate, manage, or store hazardous waste. EPA estimates that the rule changes could affect nearly 700,000 US facilities.

The new Final Rule includes some of the most substantial changes to the RCRA hazardous waste rules since the mid-1980’s.

Among the biggest changes in the 350-page rulemaking are:

  • A complete reorganization of the hazardous waste generator rules in 40 CFR 262.
  • Expanded marking and labeling requirements for hazardous waste storage.
  • New reliefs for small generators.
  • Bolstered reporting, recordkeeping, and contingency plan requirements.
  • Much, much more. 

These hazardous waste management updates will take effect six months after the Final Rule appears in the Federal Register. Publication is expected before the end of the year. 

RCRA Generator Improvements Rule Update Webinar—2016 Dates Now Available

Now that EPA’s Generator Improvements Rule is finalized, professionals responsible for hazardous waste management will face questions from colleagues and higher-ups about what must be done to stay in compliance. The new RCRA update webinar will give managers and personnel the answers they need to prepare and plan for big changes to these complex EPA standards.

The first session will be presented on November 29, from 1:00-2:30 p.m. ET. Sessions will follow on December 15 and December 21.

Current Lion Members can attend the webinar for $99. Those without a current Lion Membership can attend for $129. Attendance includes live, expert-led training; a digital compliance reference; and a Certificate of Attendance. 

For more information on the new live webinar, or to sign up, visit