SafeWorkz has released their online and app based platform that allows clients to record, manage and analyse their safety, health, environment and quality (HSEQ) performance. This enables informed and targeted corrective actions to be developed. The system is available online and in the Apple App Store or Android Play Store with a comprehensive administration function on an easy to use website.

Companies can simply set up their own forms in any language which allow them to quickly transfer any audit, checklist or assessment form into the platform to enable fast & dynamic data collection. The SafeWorkz solution was developed with reporting as a foremost concern, and gives users the ability to quickly and easily make sense of their safety, environment and quality data at a meta or micro level via a simple and intuitive dashboard with pdf reporting.

Hugh Sullivan, SafeWorkz Director, said that the tool was originally designed with small to medium businesses in mind. “While we have had great feedback and take-up from the small to medium sector, many larger companies are now very interested in how the reporting data is presented, and the savings in resources made while collecting this data.”

A global network of consultants are able to support the SafeWorkz solution with as little or as much input as companies want. Hugh says “We found that some of our clients did not have an experienced person looking after the HSEQ function. They want an HSEQ framework with the option of periodic support.”

SafeWorkz is also very different with pricing based on the number of staff in a company, not on a per user basis. Hugh explains “All too often a ‘per user’ licensing structure means only the main users are signed up for a licence. In order to obtain rich data that enables our clients to make informed decisions, everyone needs to be participating.”

In the coming months SafeWorkz will be launching Predictive PPE™ using Smart Beacon technology that will powerfully transform how HSEQ performs in the workplace, accompanied by a range of complementary HSEQ protection, leadership and culture based applications. For example, SafeHaven uses proximity beacons will send a warning message to workers in the area to check they are aware of vehicle movements before permission is granted for the vehicle to move into the work space.

Further information can be requested from:

Hugh Sullivan
Director, SafeWorkz
Mobile: +44 (0)7427 064538
Office:  +44 (0)2921 679121