Omega Industrial Products is introducing a new, first-of-its-kind pedestrian safety barrier in the US: the R-U-F (Roll-Up-Fence) is an innovative solution to protect dangerous worksites and pedestrian traffic zones. This patented product saves time and money for contractors, public works projects, and event coordinators. Anywhere pedestrians need to be directed or segregated from hazardous work zones.

“In my 30-plus years in the safety products business, I have never seen anything so practical, durable and flexible,” said John Weber, President of Omega Industrial Products. “The R-U-F Portable Fence offers a superior alternative to caution tape, bike rack style and sawhorse type barriers. It’s too easy for people to duck under that single piece of tape. The R-U-F is light, effective and easy-to-use. Add to that its durability, quick set up and stores in a fraction of the space of alternative crowd control barriers. Ultimately, making heavier, cumbersome and more expensive sawhorse and bike rack barricades obsolete.”

The R-U-F is one of the most effective safety advancements in recent history. It will create safer and more efficient settings for any application that requires segregating pedestrians from dangerous worksites and conditions.

Located in Saukville, WI, Omega Industrial Products is a leading supplier of safety barriers for industrial environments. Since 1987, Omega has offered safety barrier products designed to protect people, machinery, buildings walls, shelving, racks, overhead doors, finished products and more. Omega has been an innovator in the safety business by listening to the marketplace and is launching the patented R-U-F (Roll-Up-Fence) in the US. For more information, please contact John Weber at (262) 284-4184 or