The storm is over, the flood waters are receding and the difficult task of recovery is getting underway in Texas and Louisiana – activities which will bring a new set of hazards to the people who are trying to pick up the pieces and go on.

As thousands of workers and volunteers mobilize to help victims recover from the catastrophic storm damage in Texas and Louisiana, OSHA is reminding everyone involved in recovery efforts to take proper safety and health precautions to avoid injury.

The post-Harvey dangers which still linger include downed power lines, carbon monoxide and electrical hazards from portable generators, confined spaces, fall and struck-by hazards from weakened and damaged trees, mold, high water levels, toxic chemical exposure, and more.

OSHA has resources to help recovery workers – both professional and volunteer – stay safe as they remove debris, repair damage and try to get as many people as possible back in their homes.

For more information visit or the Department of Labor’s Hurricane Recovery Assistance webpage.