From CEO’s to interns, Google to Deutsche Bank, some of the world’s leading corporations are carving out dedicated space for mindfulness meditation in the workplace. And when you look at the science, it’s easy to see why.

As a scientifically proven stress reliever, we’ve invited experts to create a series of guided mindfulness meditation recordings, each designed specifically with stressed out office workers in mind.

Reducing stress at work = happier, more productive employees

In today’s business environment, stress is almost impossible to avoid. Immediate side-effects of stress are having greater difficulty focusing and a decline in productivity. Not ideal when you have deadlines looming.

Longer term, continuous exposure to stress can lead to more serious mental disorders, and also impact your physical health. Common physical side effects of chronic stress include stomach issues, elevated blood pressure and chest pains. So it’s very important to manage stress proactively.

In fact, chronic stress is such a major risk factor for illness, it is wise for employers to offer stress relief solutions in the workplace, else risk excessive absenteeism and a drop in productivity.

A recent study by Occupational Care South Africa and Statistics South Africa found an average of 15% employees are absent in SA on any given day, costing SA employers up to R16-billion every year.

If you need more convincing, check out our infographic below for some other scientifically proven benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation.

So, now you know WHY you should introduce mindfulness meditation to your workplace, but what exactly is it?

Simply put, mindfulness meditation is when you set aside a quiet moment in your day to consciously focus on the present. It can be as short as 10 minutes (the length of our ‘introduction to guided meditation’ recording below), and you don’t need to sit like Buddha atop your desk, a quiet corner and a comfy chair will work just fine.

It’s the continual effort of clearing the mind of all thoughts, pushing fleeting memories of last night’s dinner and worry over today’s ‘to do’ list away. There are many methods, but the simplest for beginners is to focus on physical sensations and breathing.

The first in our series of guided meditations below is perfect for beginners who have never tried to meditate before. Just find a comfy chair, follow the instructions, and the gentle voice will guide you through the entire 10 minutes.

Click here to go to the guided meditation at Sage.