Florida’s construction cranes weathered Hurricane Irma better than expected, although three massive cranes did collapse in the southern part of the state after being battered by 120 mph winds and heavy rain. There were no injuries reported from the crane incidents.

Well before Irma bore down on the state, officials issued warnings to people who were in close proximity to cranes at some of the state’s many construction sites.

Collapse didn’t mean the danger was over. According to news reports, one crane that collapsed on Sunday dangled from an unfinished high rise. Another collapsed onto a high-rise building under construction in downtown Miami on Sunday, prompting the city to tweet: “AVOID THE AREA!!” People in buildings near the crane were urged to seek shelter in the opposite side of the building or in a stairwell.

A third crane collapsed at an oceanfront condo complex in Fort Lauderdale around 5 p.m.

Approximately two dozen cranes remained standing in the Miami area.