Safely operating large, potentially dangerous construction and agricultural equipment can be challenging. Information that enhances training and usage can help reduce the risks of working with such equipment.

One source of information about equipment safety is the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), which has resources available to both its 900+ members and to the general public.

AEM’s safety materials are consensus documents that are developed, reviewed and approved by committees empaneled by AEM, and they represent best practices for the industry. The safety materials include more than 55 unique manual titles, and they extend to additional collateral such as videos, brochures, decals and training kits.

In many cases, the manual is often assigned a part number as part of a manufacturer’s production process to ensure it is included with other safety literature when the equipment is sold into market. This integration with the manufacturing process helps companies in their risk management programs.

AEM safety materials manager Jaimie Vos said the materials offer “an industry-consensus viewpoint, written in clear language, and produced in an easy-to-follow format that encourages safe equipment operation."

An example of the resources: a list of voluntary industry standards for safety signs and symbols that includes information about color codes and graphical symbols and addresses specific vehicles, such as powered industrial trucks and tractors.

The AEM says its motto is: “Do it once, do it right, do it globally."

The organization shipped a record 1 million units worth of safety materials to its members and the general public last year, to North America, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy and Germany as well. Another avenue of safety outreach: partnerships with schools, construction companies who are using AME safety manuals as part of their safety training programs.

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