A hazloc fan, innovative eyewashes and slip-resistant flooring were among the top occupational safety and health products featured on ISHN.com this week.

SonicAire introduces SA XD2 Fan, approved for hazardous locations

New fan from SonicAire is UL approved for operation in Class II, Division 2 locations

SonicAire, Inc., leading manufacturer of overhead dust control fans, has announced the company’s latest product offering: a UL approved fan designed for operation in hazardous locations. The new SA XD2 is UL approved for Class II, Division 2 environments.

Speakman upgrades Swing Down emergency product line

All seven Swing Down eyewashes and safety showers now have Optimus® spray heads

Speakman Company, the Delaware emergency eyewash and emergency shower manufacturer, announces the launch of Optimus® Swing Down Laboratory Eyewashes. The second generation of the popular lab product line of eyewash and safety shower adds aerated Optimus spray heads and swing-down valves for fast and easy activation during an emergency.

Modular dust collectors designed to maximize floor space

Camfil APC has designed its Farr Gold Series® industrial dust collectors to remove hazardous and nuisance dusts from factories while occupying the smallest possible floor space. Farr Gold Series collectors are built from 3-foot-six-inch square modules that can be combined in dozens of configurations to fit the specific work environment.

Considerations for food and beverage manufacturers when selecting stainless steel slip-resistant flooring

There are tried and true reasons why stainless steel is the surface material of choice in commercial kitchens and food prep areas: it’s durable, nonporous, nonreactive, resistant to corrosion and equally important, easy to keep clean.