SonicAire, Inc., leading manufacturer of overhead dust control fans, has announced the company’s latest product offering: a UL approved fan designed for operation in hazardous locations. The new SA XD2 is UL approved for Class II, Division 2 environments.

“We are pleased to offer the new SA XD2 to those facilities needing a solution to combustible dust accumulation in hazardous locations,” said SonicAire VP of Marketing and Sales John Sanders,“ This fan continues our commitment to providing remarkable equipment and continued innovation.”

The SA XD2 is the latest in a series of product offerings from SonicAire. The company’s fan systems use proprietary BarrierAire technology to prevent combustible dust buildup in overhead and hard to reach areas. Along with reducing manual cleaning expenses for a facility, the SA XD2 also helps facilities maintain compliance with relevant NFPA and OSHA regulations. Most importantly, the SA XD2 and other SonicAire fans help keep employees safe from combustible dust hazards.

About SonicAire, Inc.: SonicAire, Inc. is based in Winston-Salem, NC. As the first-and only- proactive, engineered solution designed to eliminate overhead fugitive dust problems, the company’s fan systems have changed how industries deal with combustible dust

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